Essential Song

Throughout our career as singers we have had the opportunity to share experiences with teachers, students and other singers regarding what the enjoyment of singing means.

Singing as a spontaneous and natural act of communication, beauty, relief, which since the dawn of time has been linked to every human being by the mere fact of being one.

Nowadays there are people who for different reasons have stopped singing, some from childhood and others and into adulthood. Some due to blockages, fears, prejudices. Many have given up using their ability to sing due to fears, traumas, emotional blocks, embarrassments from the past….

We believe that every human being should be able to express themselves through this natural, precious, unique and non-transferable instrument that all people possess. The process of learning singing to be able to interpret different repertoires is a path of personal fulfillment where many elements come into play (physical, psychological, emotional…).

From L'Incantari and through our own experience, we propose an experiential learning methodology, which combines the technical aspects of classical and traditional singing with the powerful tool that are essential oils and aromatherapy.

In this way, we have decided to offer all those interested in singing the possibility of taking this path of inner self-discovery. An opportunity of accompaniment in the process of unlocking and learning through the practice of ancestral songs, with the subtle but powerful support of the tool that nature gives us: natural assistances.

If the topic resonates with you and you want more information regarding the techniques and methodology that we offer, you can get in touch directly through


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