Revista Medieval. N. 84: La música medieval nos puede ayudar mucho espiritualmente
Arturo: ” Mi pasión por todo lo relacionado con la Edad Media proviene de mi infancia” . View report
Diario del Alto Aragón: Return to mysticism
L'incantari offered a concert of medieval sacred music in Huesca. View report
We are Bunk: L´incantari
Arturo Palomares Puertas. Director del disco-libro: “música antigua y tradicional de la Comarca de la Litera” View report
L'incantari shone with its own light
La Litera Information: We live another day of good music in Binéfar View report
Scene 25: Go to sea
L'Incantari proposes a repertoire that does not have a culture that is its own.View report
We meet in Huesca: L'incantari brings its music to the Huesca casino
On this occasion the artists who will fill the blue room with music areLucia Samitier, voice and harp, and Arturo Palomares, voice, cytol and guitar, which make up the groupL'Incantari, a musical ensemble founded in 2010. View report
We are Litter: Spell in no man's land
Music as life is an infinite sum, evolution without a side, charm open to the evanescent life itself ... L'Incantari. View report
Old and traditional music in the region of La Litera Performed by L'INCANTARI
CD-book on ancient and traditional music in the La Litera region Performed by L'INCANTARI and co-edited by CELLIT. View report
Troubadours of the Aragonese court in Castiello de Jaca
L'Incantari is a musical ensemble founded nine years ago by Lucía Samitier (song and harp) and Arturo Palomares (song and cytol). Ana Cerezo (fídula and choirs) and Jordi Reguant (hurdy-gurdy, clavissimbalum, organetto) joined them at the Medieval Music event in the Old Crown of Aragon, in the beautiful church of San Miguel Arcángel in Castiello de Jaca. View report
Ancient music in Chile: L'incantari
During their visit to Chile, they presented the shows “Take the Sea”, a program made up of songs from the Sephardic tradition, and “Cruce de miradas. View report
L'incantari concert
L'INCANTARI is a current and constantly evolving personal artistic project, which starts from the origin of its creators: Lucía Samitier and Arturo Palomares (Catalonia-Aragon) without forgetting the ancestors of southern Spain. View report

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